meet jen

Hello…I’m Jen, the creative force & voice behind Wild Bloomery.

I grew up on a small farm in the Midwest where I learned to love & respect Mother Nature. I guess I’m what you’d call old school…proudly part of Generation X. My entertainment as a child was my imagination and for as long as I can remember I have been smitten with nature and driven to create.

 Photo of my parents, sister & me {I’m on the goat} on our first farm. You know you’re old when your photos look vintage without using a filter!

Photo of my parents, sister & me {I’m on the goat} on our first farm. You know you’re old when your photos look vintage without using a filter!


I consider myself an artist, although it took a very long time for me to feel comfortable saying that given the only art classes I’ve ever had are the basic ones of high school & the 2 classes I managed to squeeze in at college: Intro Charcoal Drawing & Intro Painting.

My education was not geared toward a career in art, in fact I embraced science wholeheartedly as it quenched my constant thirst for knowledge. But for all my brain desired to absorb, I could not shake the hold art had on my soul. Creating, designing, crafting, whatever you’d like to call it, was my escape - my therapy - my passion.

I was on the path toward a career as a physician. I graduated college with a double major, graduated medical school and began a 4 year family practice residency program. I loved helping others, feeling as though I was making a real difference in people’s lives, but I was absolutely miserable.

Unfortunately, my residency showed me the ugliness of medicine only visible from the inside. And when faced with the choice of either changing the person I was to remain in medicine or walk away,

I left my career as a physician and never looked back.

The path I’ve walked since then has been winding & wild at times, full of obstacles and what felt like cavernous pits. But art has always been there to clear the path & keep me moving forward.


And really that’s what motivates me to share my knowledge & coach others about living a naturally creative life.

All I have experienced, both bad and good, has brought me to the point in my own life where the pieces fit together. Which is not to say my journey is complete or free of challenges, but rather that it has become a journey in balance, able to withstand the ups & downs of life without tipping to the extremes.

My goal as a coach is to help others find that same balance so that when life becomes hectic & overwhelming, they too are able to adjust and regain harmony.

I’m delighted to share this artistic journey with so many wonderful, creative souls just like you. Thanks so much for spending time with me…



Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine / Midwestern University

Certified Medical Electrologist / Florida School of Electrolysis & Skin Care

Bachelor Arts Pre-Med, Bachelor Arts Biology / Augustana College


handmade goods seller {20 yrs}

  • own websites {retail + wholesale}

  • Etsy

  • Ebay

freelance writer

  • professional medical

  • health

  • DIY / home decor

blog platforms

  • wordpress

  • blogger

  • individual websites

fertility coach

laser hair removal tech

retail - department head

lab technician/assistant

medical transcription supervisor

self-taught mediums:

altered art


paper art


mixed media

shell art





jewelry making

graphic design

antique photo restoration

literary work:

Alphabet Blessings; Conceiving with In Vitro Fertilization


fell in love at 13 & married my best friend @ 19 - married 29 years & going strong

mom to an amazing 17 year old who makes me a better person & reminds me every day how truly blessed I am