clutter & chaos left unchecked become creativity disruptors




if you create where you eat your meals, find fun ways to eat elsewhere for now… think movie nights on the couch & picnics in unique places


clean & organize the space you sit in when creating… declutter & organize the folders & files containing your creative data

Today is about preparing to disconnect from ALL creative projects currently occupying your mind & time.  This is a cleansing of sorts and serves two purposes; namely to break ties to your creative projects & to prepare a clean slate for your return to those projects. 

FIRST: Put away all creative projects.  All personal, home & work related projects should be tucked away out of sight completely.  You should not have any projects visible, including those still in the planning phase.

SECOND: Clean & organize your creative space.  Take time to do an extra thorough cleaning and declutter all your work surfaces.  All supplies need to be organized & put away.  Create more storage if needed.  

THIRD: Purge supplies as you work to organize them.  Discard anything that is broken or damaged & any liquids that have dried out.  Donate, trade or sell items that have sat unused for more than a year or items that you simply no longer like.

FINALLY: Walk away - your creative space is now off limits.  Close the door if it is a separate room.  If your creative space is a shared space, avoid it as much as possible - seek out other environments in which to perform your daily life tasks.