misplaced priorities often lead to stress & an unbalanced life




COOKING: cooking is the one creative process you are allowed to indulge in

INSPIRATION: jotting down creative inspirations is allowed but you should not go beyond that… do not develop the idea further during this break

Creating is not allowed during this step of the program.  Your focus should be on the important aspects of your non-creative life: your mental & physical health, your general life responsibilities and your social life.  

Mental & Physical Health

invest time & energy into your pursuit of mental & physical wellness as these build a strong foundation for your creative life… your health should always be top priority

Life Responsibilities

responsibilities can quickly overwhelm life, so set smaller daily goals to avoid falling behind or consider letting some responsibilities go if they are not crucial

Social Life

socializing helps keep life balanced but it is lower priority than your health & life responsibilities and therefore should occupy less of your time comparatively

Wellness of mind & body leads to creative wellness, so get adequate sleep, make healthy food choices, be physically active & address any health issues you face.

Tackle all the life responsibilities you’ve been putting off. That includes all those annoying projects you hate & avoid.

Work towards resolution with any relationship issues but also make time to enjoy moments with family & friends.  Finding complete resolution is NOT required, but you need to at minimum face these issues and implement a plan for change.

It is important to allow yourself to experience creative deprivation - this helps to reset your creative energy.

Don’t be tempted to return to your in-progress projects. This step of the program is all about your non-creative life. Allow your focus to remain elsewhere for now.