light influences the mood of a space & the impact of its elements




  • right click the images below & save to your device

  • print each of the sheets

    > scale / contrast sheet X2

    > texture / color sheet X2

    > composition / cover sheet X1

  • cut each sheet on the dotted line to form square pages

  • you should have 1 cover, 2 scale, 2 contrast, 2 texture, 2 color and 1 composition page - 10 square pages total

  • complete the cover page and one page each for scale, contrast, texture & color on Walk 3

  • complete the composition page and one page each for scale, contrast, texture & color on Walk 4

Step 3 of the program serves as a transition point allowing you to move from creative deprivation toward focused creative activity - meaning creativity exercises. 

After not thinking about any creative projects for several days, it is now time to begin reintroducing your brain to a world viewed through an artistic lens.  The simplest {& most enjoyable} way to do this is to immerse yourself in a space pulsing with creative energy.  



any environment you love


WALKS 1 & 2

Turn off & put away your electronic devices so that you experience the environment with as many of your senses as possible.  Wander slowly without purpose.  Spend as much time as you like purely for enjoyment. Simply allow yourself to be immersed in the experience.

Visit the same space/environment for both Walks 1 & 2.  One of your walks should be during the daytime and the other walk should be at dusk. You do NOT take any notes during Walks 1 & 2.

WALKS 3 & 4

Walks 3 & 4 begin your transition back to a more creative life and represent your 1st creativity exercise.  Bring the blank creativity notes you printed on both Walks 3 & 4 in addition to something to write with and something to snap photos with. 

As you move through the environment, pay close attention to the creative appeal of the space.

Visit the same space/environment as you did for Walks 1 & 2. As before, one walk should be during the daytime and the other walk should be at dusk.  Complete the creativity notes for both walks & jot down any thoughts or inspirations on the back.  

Following your final walk, bind your notes together to form a booklet that details the creative elements of this particular environment that speak to your soul.  Spend some time reflecting on what grabbed your attention & why

Think about how the space affected you.  Did it energize you?  Did it calm you? 

Were you drawn back to a certain spot or did you find yourself lingering in an area? If so, why?

If you placed one of your handmade items within the environment you chose, would it be right at home or would it feel out of place?

What characteristics are shared between the environment and your work?

What is it you are seeking? What are you drawn to?

Understanding questions like these can help you decipher why you feel a diminished connection to your designs.

print the sheets below before embarking on Walks 3 & 4

explore cn COMP COVER.jpg
explore cn SCALE CONTRAST.jpg
explore cn TEXTURE COLOR.jpg