creative energy is fueled by supplies that speak to your style 




reserve 1-2 hours out of the day when you can focus on completing your exercise - this lessens interruptions


if you don’t have adequate supplies to complete the exercises, gather items from around your home


At the beginning of the program you purged any supplies that no longer fit your needs or were damaged.  

You completed this task during Step 1 because you have less of an emotional attachment to items in your supply stash during periods of low creative energy.  What remains now are items that passed scrutiny through a lens unclouded by emotions or feelings.

The following creativity exercise {spread over 5 days} is designed to help you reconnect with your supplies through a focused artistic lens - a lens that sees each element as an expression of scale, contrast, texture & color. The final day helps strengthen your connection with the concept of composition.  



your newly refreshed creative space


supply stash & 5 containers


  • pull items from your supply stash

  • an item can only occupy a single container at a time

  • if you decide to move an item, it must be replaced

  • make your choices & any adjustments over the course of one day for each design concept

  • leave each container sitting out - at the end of Day 4 you should have 4 containers lined up, ready for the Day 5 exercise

DAY 1 - SCALE: this is completely subjective - choose 2 items you deem to be standard size then choose 3 items that are smaller & 3 items that are larger - you should be able to easily tell the large from the standard from the small

DAY 2 - CONTRAST: for this exercise you are choosing pairs - pull 2 items that have high contrast with each other, 2 items with medium contrast to each other & 2 items that have low contrast with each other - the type of contrast is your choice

DAY 3 - TEXTURE:  choose 3 types of texture that are unique from each other & pull 2 items that closely match each texture - you want a variety, so seek out textures that appeal to your sense of sight but also your sense of touch 

DAY 4 - COLOR: limit yourself to 3 main colors - pull 3 items for each color - seek out variations within each color so that you have light & dark elements - try to maintain similar intensity levels across all the colors you choose

DAY 5 - COMPOSITION: create 2 groupings using items pulled in the 4 previous exercises - you are allowed to use the same item in both groupings but each should be a unique composition

Place the items of your favorite composition grouping in the last container for the creativity exercise in Step 6 of the program.