Notably Creative Design No. 01

 PHOTO: Monika Grabkowska

PHOTO: Monika Grabkowska

In today’s notably creative post we’re taking notes on an image that perfectly represents the significant influence TEXTURE can have on the overall energy & flow of a piece.

To better understand the impact of texture, let’s consider this same image with the texture removed.

Remove the multiple layers of texture and the high contrast between colors intensifies, becoming much more demanding of your attention.

Without texture, the high contrast of the black & white stripes pulls your eye back & forth between the stripes themselves and the 3 islands of contrasting color created by the food.

Although this pull for attention would increase the overall energy of the image, the energy would be chaotic & distracting.

So how does texture create orderly energy?

Texture in the image above, lowers the amount of contrast between colors. Consider the fabric stripes … the textured white feels a bit more gray as does the textured black, effectively pulling the colors closer together.

By subduing the contrast between colors and bringing them closer together, an increased sense of balance & harmony is created. This allows the eye to be guided through the image with minimal distraction and with a feeling of focus.

Although the striped fabric infuses the image with brightness and energy, the fabric’s texture allows it to recede into the background leaving the delicious food to take center stage.

As this image demonstrates, well-thought-out texture can have a significant influence on both the flow and the energy of a composition.

How does this translate to your own creative projects?

It is tempting to focus on texture solely for the influence it has on an individual element, but the relationship among all the textures of a design should not be overlooked.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you using texture in your creative endeavors effectively?

  • Is too little or too much texture distracting from the desired flow of your piece?

  • Could the energy of your work be better expressed through the use of different textures?