5 Tips for Pressing Fast Wilting Flowers


Previously when I discussed choosing flowers for your pressed flower art, I mentioned to avoid fast wilting botanicals if you are just learning the ins & outs of pressing flowers.

This is really to avoid frustration & disappointment - 2 things that can quickly derail beginners from a project.

But what if you are more experienced in flower pressing or come across a have-to-have botanical that also happens to wilt quickly?

Is all hope lost?

Absolutely not!

Fast wilting flowers do require more patience and skill, but by following some simple guidelines you can achieve the same quality press as with more resilient flowers.

Here are 5 tips for pressing fast wilting flowers:

  1. PICK EARLY: lingering moisture helps plants tolerate the stress associated with cutting

  2. PICK IN SHADE: cooler temps also help reduce the stress associated with cutting

  3. APPLY PRESSURE: tightly pinch the stem between your fingers at or near the cut point

  4. PRESS ON-SITE: bring your flower press or book directly to where you cut the flower & press immediately after cutting

  5. ADD WEIGHT: add weight on top of your book or flower press to securely flatten flowers between pages / loosely compressed pages allow leaves & petals to curl

Pressing fast wilting flowers for a project can be challenging but, as with choosing flowers, experimentation is your friend!

A technique that works for one flower may not work for another - and some flowers will close up, curl and refuse to lie flat no matter what you do.

Don’t be discouraged!

Devise a strategy that works best for you, fine tune your process as you become more experienced and be flexible enough in your design to swap out a flower if it doesn’t meet your standards.


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