Introducing the BOOST Creativity Program

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After many months of work, I am excited to introduce the BOOST Creativity program!

PROGRAM goals:

The BOOST Creativity Program is a set of easy-to-follow steps designed to improve creative energy levels by guiding you through 3 phases:

Phase 1: disconnect from your creative life

Phase 2: refresh your design connections

Phase 3: reconnect to your creative life

Program creation:

When I sat down to develop this program, I spent a lot of timing thinking about the habits & routines I have developed in my own life which maintain my creative energy at a high level and allow it to recover quickly when levels do fall. I also spent a lot of timing reflecting on why I have developed those habits & routines and more importantly, what purpose they serve.

During that time I came to fully understand the importance of the connections between creativity, nature and our day-to-day lives. It is when these connections become weakened, stressed or neglected that creativity energy falls or disappears completely. So I set out to create a program to help creative souls strengthen weak connections & rebuild broken ones. And the BOOST Creativity Program took shape...

Program Specs:

  • The program does not require any special tools or skills.

  • You can begin the program whenever you feel a dip in your creative energy. Once you begin the program it should be completed in 25 days.

  • There is flexibility but also accountability.

  • The program dictates specific tasks to be completed but it also allows self-reflection surrounding elements uniquely affecting your creative process.

  • I’ve even thrown in suggestions specifically for those creating in a shared space or creating digitally, since you face unique challenges.

Best of all the program is free and accessible 24/7

Yup, literally just a click away…

So what do you have to gain?

Get clicking! >> BOOST Creativity Program

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