7 Features Every Creative Space Needs


Whether you design physical items or digital items, the space in which you create directly impacts all phases of the creative process.

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that your skills and passion to create fully dictate the outcome of your project.

Avoid this trap!

The environment in which you work, AKA your creative space, can be the difference between loving to create & struggling to create.

The ideal creative space enhances the creative process and the energy you experience while designing. Although different art forms may demand different environments, well-functioning creative spaces across all art forms share several features.

Here are 7 features every creative space needs:

  1. LOW TRAFFIC / PRIVACY - facilitates mental focus & time management due to fewer interruptions

  2. LARGE WORK SURFACE - allows for better execution of techniques & reduces muscle strain

  3. ADEQUATE LIGHTING - improves color recognition & detail work / lessens eye strain

  4. COMFY & SUPPORTIVE ACCESSORIES - lessen muscle fatigue & improve time management

  5. AMPLE STORAGE / ORGANIZATIONAL ITEMS - improve efficiency & inventory control

  6. GOOD VENTILATION - lessens potentially harmful exposures

  7. SOUND CONTROL - facilitates mental focus & lessens potentially harmful exposures

A creative space that incorporates these 7 features provides a healthy environment in which your physical energy, your mental energy & your creative energy can thrive.

Incredible enthusiasm about a project or amazing technical skills can only propel you so far if you don’t have space to work, can’t find your supplies or face constant distractions.

Before embarking on your next creative endeavor, ask yourself this:

Is your creative space providing the optimal environment for your health & creativity to flourish?


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