Celebrating the Season of Ghouls & Goblins


Today’s Creativity Hack is all about sharing a little ghoulish fun from around our home. Here are a few simple, creative ideas to help inspire your own Halloween celebration…




Each Halloween I post a different witch’s brew on the chalkboard hubby & I constructed from a vintage picture frame. It hangs above the dining room sideboard, so the more gross the brew the better!

This year’s concoction: Oozing Boil Elixir

3 globs Ogre snot
6 freshly gouged eyeballs
9 witch toenails
1 handful werewolf fur


creepy cabana guest


The poolside planters are starting to die back so the skeleton breaking out of the soil makes the dying plants feel like part of the decor… a positive reflection on my decorating skills rather than a negative reflection on my gardening skills! {see how I did that?!}

This year I opted to add skeleton bones to all the planters around our home rather than the ground since the wildlife here is very curious & very destructive.

Not naming names, but I’m looking at you Raccoon Family…



I found a wide-mouth bottle with a cork stopper at a local thrift shop & transformed it into a witch’s apothecary bottle complete with a realistic looking rubber octopus suspended in water to play off the octopus tentacles apothecary label.

I fill the “wet” bottles with fresh bottled water every year… the bubbles released over several days make the bottles that much more realistic looking.


witchy memories


This straw witch spent many years at my parents farmhouse as part of their Halloween decor. I always loved her simplicity & natural design so the fact she is now part of my decor makes Halloween that much more fun for me.

Tucking items around your home that hold special meaning & memories creates an environment filled with positive creative energy.