5 Tips for Choosing Fresh Flowers to Press


When you consider all the positive aspects of pressed flower art {like the low cost, ample availability & basic skills required}, it’s no wonder this art form is so appealing to natural, creative souls.

But to create truly stunning pieces, you must take to heart the following statement:

Pressed flower art demands quality materials … PERIOD.

In the world of pressed flower art, your piece will only be as good as the flowers & foliage you use.

Yes, it really is that simple.

With pressed flower art your key elements are the botanicals and the surface - that’s it!

So the quality of your plants is crucial and should never be compromised.

This is why I strongly recommend picking and pressing your own flowers. Not only does this allow you to create a truly unique piece but it also allows you to modify the flowers & foliage to fit your specific needs.

But not all flowers are created equal, so before you hop outside to go flower picking, check out these

5 tips for choosing fresh flowers for your next pressed flower project:

  1. ALWAYS BE SAFE! Safety is a top priority when choosing flowers: avoid plants that are toxic or contain skin-irritant oils / avoid plants that place you at risk in order to reach them

  2. THIN BEFORE THICK: thicker plants require longer drying times & can break apart if over-compressed / although some shrinkage occurs, thicker plants will not flatten as much compared to thinner plants (this may impact application)

  3. WILT TIME: avoid flowers that wilt quickly as these require special attention when pressing (this is more important for beginners)

  4. COLOR INTENSITY: colors fade & change as part of the natural drying process, seek out flowers fully saturated with color whenever possible

  5. SCALE: avoid super tiny flowers as they often shrink to almost nothing when dried / pick various sized flowers so your finished piece feels balanced and natural

Your environment is brimming with beautiful flowers and foliage just waiting for you. Keep the above guidelines in mind but remember, discovery & experimentation are part of the appeal {and dare I say - FUN} of pressed flower art.

So Get Up, Get Out & Go Picking!


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