Exercise your creativity

To make understanding creativity a bit easier, think of your creativity as a muscle. Just like a muscle, your creativity remains strong & resilient as long as you provide it with good nutrition & regular exercise.


Good creative nutrition comes in the form of
quality supplies & perpetual inspiration.

these feed your creativity.

Regular creative exercise comes in the form of
exploring new projects & techniques.

these strengthen your creativity & help it grow.

Similar to your gym workout, it is important to develop a creative routine but it’s equally important to set goals that challenge you & push your boundaries artistically.

Below you’ll find an ever-expanding list of natural projects designed to help guide your creative workout.

Ready to get started?

Then fuel up, jump in & flex your creativity!



-Grapevine Wreath-

skill level: basic - intermediate
supplies: basic

—book sculpture—

skill level: intermediate - advanced
supplies: basic



Skill Level: Intermediate
Supplies: Basic