frequently asked questions

why can’t i comment on every blog post?

I’ve structured Wild Bloomery to have 3 tiers of content:


  • DIY Creativity Coaching

  • Living Creatively, Exploring Design & Boost Creativity Program

  • FREE 24/7 access

  • Comments: OFF


  • Selling Handmade Shared Mentoring Content

  • Creative Income University

  • Fee-Based, Password Protected 24/7 access

  • Comments: ON


  • Individual Creativity Coaching Session

  • Fee-Based

  • Scheduled One-On-One Interactions


how do i schedule a coaching session?

Available coaching sessions will be posted on Wild Bloomery in the coming weeks!

where can i purchase your work?

I no longer create items specifically for retail sale. I create handmade goods as a way to demonstrate techniques and provide visual content for my coaching biz…those goods are available for sale locally or through my Etsy shop: Wild Bloomery.

why can’t i find you on social media?

To be honest, I just don’t have the time. Caring for my family & running a content-based creative business are 2 full-time jobs. Managing all the social media platforms would constitute a 3rd job and simply put…I am not a superhero. So for now, you have to hang with me here among the pages of Wild Bloomery.