Wild Bloomery offers a unique approach to coaching for natural souls seeking to live more creatively.

Designed as a guide for creatives, Wild Bloomery combines visual learning with creative content that can be consumed, digested & reflected upon at a pace that best suits your skill level & busy schedule.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist hoping to boost your creativity or a DIYer seeking to grow creatively, Wild Bloomery has content you’ll love.

Here’s where you’ll find what

basic content structure

All creative content is organized into 3 main areas, making it easy to locate topics specific to your needs:

  1. Creativity Coaching - understand, incorporate & expand creativity

  2. Boost Creativity Program - restore creativity

  3. Creative Income University - profit from creativity

content icons make finding info simple

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Content By section


composed primarily of creativity coaching mini sessions & creative wellness posts, this section touches on the creative process, the factors that affect creativity, ways to incorporate creativity into daily life & the link between creativity & your health as well as a few glimpses into my own creative life


filled with tips, techniques, design notes & natural projects, this section aims to expand skill sets and to strengthen connections to the main design concepts


composed of seller-to-seller advice based on 20 years of selling experience, this section focuses on the ins & outs of earning a creative income and covers topics such as customer interactions, product selection & creation, presentation, packaging, shipping, writing product descriptions, generating keywords and selling online


filled with natural projects, this section serves as a creativity workout that strengthens design concept connections & skill sets


an online self-guided, 7 step program developed to help creatives boost their creative energy level while renewing their passion for design


project skill levels

skill gx b.jpg

beginner skills {cutting, gluing, measuring, folding}; connections to design concepts limited or still developing

skill gx i.jpg

basic skills mastered & evolving to more advanced applications; solid connection to most design concepts

skill gx a.jpg

upper level/specialized skills; solid connection to all design concepts

content format

SHOW & TELL: images with brief description

DESIGN NOTES: aspects of design as relate to specific project

VISUAL NOTES: highlights with drawn elements & clipart

KEY POINTS: highlights/important takeaways/lists

TOPIC NOTES: in-depth discussion of single topic

STEP-BY-STEP: detailed instructions for projects & techniques